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I had an idea, and I'm offering this to anyone who might be interested. I am going to put a section (not sure how that will manifest, but could be a forum type of section), for people who are looking to meet up and get a better rate of hotel or tour.

Let's face it, single travelers are penalized, for hotel rooms and tours. The room rates are better for sharing, and single-person supplements are a killer. Also, from the perspective of security and sociability, it is better to be enjoying the trip with someone else.

Now, for the purpose of stopping spam and people with bad thoughts, there will be a small charge to join and post your request. Also, because I'm not a charity, and website space is not free, the fee will be reasonable but not zero.

Watch this space for more information.

New Server

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After using WEBCASTLE for over 20+ years, the site has been moved to new servers, located at 123-Reg. This was forced by the owners who are standing down as webserver hosts. It has actually been a good thing, by reducing outgoings to £6 per month from the current £25.

I am hoping the change will be a good thing, not just financially.