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Livestream tonight, 1800 UK

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Join me tonight for the weekly livestream at 6pm UK time.

AWT Live 24 March

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Tonight's live stream, watch here or youtube.

Heathrow has introduced a £8.90 charge per outgoing passenger to recoup their £2bn losses from last year. My point is the government caused this scamdemic lockdown, so they should pay for it - after all, they can waste £37 bn on track and trace!

Tonight's show link is here

So, finally, the new add-on for the website goes live. You'll be able to view the blog from anywhere with a link, or, directly from the website. I had intended to embed the blog, but think it's best separately.

Here's the last live stream, enjoy!

Welcome to the new blog

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blog graphic Hello and Welcome!

Finally, the blog is up and running. I have found an open-source blogging app that is compatible with the website, and extremely reliable.

It will allow for news articles to be added as and when, giving added interest to the website; which should be the first choice for anything relating to disability travel.

If demand warrants, I may add a "forum" later.